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A good friend of mine has just had his first book released that I helped on edits...thought I would share my review as this guy is going to be BIG in the future, I am sure!

When he was still alive, Richard Laymon was largely dismissed as one of the true horror masters of his time. Many people thought his books a bit b-movieish and kind of pah-paahed over his literary talent in favour of the likes of Koontz and King instead.
Sadly Richard Laymon passed away a few years ago now on Valentines Day, but, like many under-rated artists whilst they were alive, since his death his writing has been sorely missed and there are many horror fans out there now who have begun to see just what it was Laymon brought to the table. In short, since his death, his books have increased in popularity.

Thankfully, amongst his many hundreds of fans, there are a few budding horror writers themselves who strive to carry on in his memory and create their own homages to his work. Catt Dahman is one who, despite being labelled initially as a zombie writer, has gone on to prove that she can write true horror just as well as Laymon ever did and many of her novels serve as a tribute to him.

A newcomer to the horror scene, Jim Goforth is another writer who writes very much in the style of the late, great Richard Laymon.

Plebs is his debut novel and a tremendous one it is at that!

Corey and two of his friends are coming back from a wild night out when they stumble across the local lake. It is here that they meet a group of girls, as feisty as they are attractive, who promise to show the boys a good time if they will only perform a small favour. Namely to rescue two of their number from a cult clan of creatures known as the Plebs.

Of course Corey and his two pals acquiesce and set off to perform their good deed for the night, but when their efforts end in tragedy, the group quickly find themelves in much deeper water than they expected...

As well as the Plebs, now Corey and his pals find themselves facing a rogue troop of tough-ass Amazon girls determined to kill and torture them all and an old high school enemy who has joined forces with those who want to kill them!

What started out as a wild night with the lads begins to get even more wilder as events rapidly start spiralling out of control and things are just getting started...

I loved this. Some have described it as Grindhouse horror, depicted on the page instead of the screen; others as a violent, bloody excursion into terror that takes you on a non-stop roller-coaster ride of emotional response. Me, I just thought it was very well written with well thought out characters, a tight and exciting plot and Laymon-inspired down to a tee.

Think Blood Games, Darkness, Tell Us - those sort of novels- and you will come close. Truly this is an exceptionally good book and one I wouldn't hesitate to read again!

Jim Goforth has a strong voice. He shows you what is happening, he doesn't tell you - and thsat is a great talent for a writer to have. There were many times reading this that I was right there, in the thick of it, with Corey and his mates!

I cannot recommend this enough and can't wait to read more from this author!

I definitely think he will be one to watch in the future...

Author interview coming up soon...

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