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One of our most under-rated authors over at J.Ellington Ashton, author A.J.Coleman  is next up to answer some questions. I was very interested to learn a bit more about her as she is probably one of the authors I have had the least interaction with until now...

Author: A.J. Coleman
Books/SS:  Undead Season 

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What genre(s) do you write in and why?  I write horror and am currently dabbling in some time travel. I’m not actually hopping through time, dabbling in the history and future, only writing about it! 

What is Undead Season about both on the surface and down deep?  The Undead Season Series is about one thing that we all do that affects so much, choices. We all make choices that make or break things (relationships, career, education, parenting choices, etc.) What if zombism was a primal, instant, gut busting choice. Eat some folks, or don’t! 

What inspired this? Nightmares! I kept dreaming about running through a town with a brother and sister. I had to take care of them and try to get them home. There was a hot guy that was running with us. I knew he was a type of zombie, but he was protecting us from the bad zombies. 

Who is the main character? Brother and sister team: Ben and Sophia Windham 

What is difficult for you as a writer? I never know where to put commas!

What is the best part about being a writer? I love expressing the ideas that flow freely about through my head onto paper. Knowing that people enjoy this fiction brings me great happiness. 

How did you begin your career? I started writing journalistic pieces on music. These “pieces” were published in magazines and newspapers. I am lazy though and don’t want to go places that I don’t want to go! I also like writing about stuff that I make up. 

What advice do you have for new writers? Don’t be afraid! Just do it! 

What book(s) do you wish you have written? HARRY POTTER! Every single Harry Potter book is pure genius! Rowling is my hero! 

Do you write for yourself or for readers? I started writing to get my dreams on paper. Eventually I had readers. 

What is difficult/frustrating about writing or being a writer? I get frustrated with endings. I love beginnings… but man… endings are so hard!
Have you had a strange fan experience? I was picking out a swim suit and a young man came up to me. “Excuse me, um… are you A.J. Coleman? I bought your book at the book store. I.. love it. Can you, would you… if I went and got my book, which is in my car… could you think… would you think about signing it for me?”
He ran to his car and got his book and I gladly signed it. He then told me that I needed to get the red swimsuit and walked away.

Which actors/actresses would you love to see in a movie version of your works? Logan Lerman! The kid is a perfect Ben!

Do you like to write a series or stand alones? Undead Season is book one of three. I liked the series, I was able to keep Sophia and Ben with me for a long time. But the next books I write will be stand alones. At least until I’m mentally prepared to write another series. 

Who, of your characters do you most want to hang out with? I think I’d like to hang out with… Jay. My female readers have admitted to having crushes on Jay. I understand. But I’d also like to hang out with Patrick, he has been the character that I have enjoyed writing the most. 

How did Undead Season get its title? I like using numerology in my
books. I believe it completes things. I can’t give too much away to new readers, but there is definitely a reason for the Season part, and zombies… they’re… undead. 

How do you pick names for characters and which ones are you fond of? I dreamed about Sophia and Ben. I knew their names in my dream. I asked my closest friend for advice on other names. 

Have you ever written real people into books? I have one character from Undead Season that is based on a real person. Patrick, one of my favorite characters, is lightly based on the general personality of my friend, Will.  

Do you outline and plan or wing a book? I am an outlining girl. I like to have a plan. I know where my characters start, their next

moves and how to get from the beginning to the end. However,  all the extra stuff is done by just imagination and letting it flow. 

Does art/ music influence you? Yes. I listen to loads of music while I write. 

Do you get “writer’s block”? I recently experienced 6 months of writer’s block. It took coming up with an idea for another book to make me want to finish the final book of The Undead Season Series. It’s time to move on.  

What is your goal? My goal is to write books containing characters that are relatable to people. I want to create characters that you love! 

Do bad reviews bother you? Yes. It makes me want to do better. 

 A big thank you to A.J.Coleman and to Catt, as always, for the questions....

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