Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Day 11: may the force be with you...

As an über geek, one of the most exciting things that I am looking forward to in the next couple of years is the new Star Wars movie. 

Yes, George Lucas pretty much fucked up the last three films, and unnessecarily messed up the original three movies at the same time, but the fact that J.J.Abrahms is attached to the new entries in this series/ franchise / call it what you will / reassures me a little that they are going to be epic!

When I heard he was rebooting Star Trek, at first I was all like why? Then I saw them. Both films blew me away, and I love the fact that J.J has essentially rewritten all Trek history so now, anything can happen. Likewise, when I saw Cloverfield I was all like wtf?!?

When it comes to movies, J.J.Abrahms is right up there with Zack Snyder. He doesn't disappoint, and that is why I have a strong suspicion that these new Star Wars projects he is overseeing will, at long last, be the sequels we are looking for! 

What's more, they're being filmed over here in the UK at our own Pinewood studios! 

I can hear the theme music now....

Sparky out...

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