Friday, 13 June 2014

Day 13: my days of future past....

So, yesterday I went to see X-Men: Days of Future Past and you know what, despite any doubts I might've had, I actually really enjoyed it! I mean after what they've done in previous films and how they fucked up the original trilogy in Last Stand, I was worried it was all going to be a bit...well, shit if I'm honest. But no, they did a good job and I walked out of the cinema entirely satisfied. 

My favourite film of the year so far remains The Amazing Spiderman 2 - not least for the whole Gwen Stacey thing and the brilliant way in which it was executed. (No spoilers, but if you don't know what happens yet - seriously Dude? I mean like really?!?!?). I mean the ending with Rhino felt a bit tacked on and unnecessary, but the hints of the imminent presence of The Sinister Six left me really excited and in near geekgasm!

I love superhero films, and right now there's so many to look forward to. Next up is Guardians Of The Galaxy, and it's fair to say I'm really, really excited about seeing that on the big screen. If you haven't checked out the trailer yet, look it up on YouTube. It's fair to say this is due to be one of the biggest hits of the late summer and takes us one step closer to Thanos and the creation of the Infinity Gauntlet. Non-comic book fans won't have a clue what this means, or just how big this threatens to be, but let's just say if you liked Avengers Assemble, you ain't seen nothing yet.

It seems as though my debut novella, Time Of Tides, is still selling well, and at the moment I have nine reviews on Amazon; only two of which are unfavourable. If you have read it, I'd love if you could leave me a review and share some author love, but what am I working on right now?

Well, last year, when I just started writing, my first published short story, Up On The Roof, came out in a little work for charity called The Tall Book Of Zombie shorts. Some of you may have read this. 

Basically it dealt with a group of survivors, facing insurmountable odds in a Zombie Apocalypse, trapped on the top of their apartment building. Written as a series of diary entries, it left me as a writer wanting more, let alone the reader. There was so many themes snd ideas there I could expand upon, but I was constrained by a word limit and by the fact I didn't yet know how to write something longer.

Fast forward a year. Now people are buying my work, paying attention to my writing, and I'm getting all sorts of excellent feedback. With Time Of Tides doing so well, it's time to release a full novel. So I'm working on it...

My Zombie Apocalypse novel (whose title remains a closely guarded secret) is on its way. I'm around 19,000 words in and just getting started. I might even have another book out of it the way things are going. 

Fans of my work, you are just going to have to be patient. Something bigger, and better, than Tides IS coming. Watch me, this thing I'm working on right now? Yeah, it's gonna be big! You are going to want to be there when it happens...but I want to get it right; for you guys as well as myself! 

I'll keep you updated as it happens...meanwhile, there's more from me soon on its way; I'll tell you more another day...

Until then, Sparky xxx

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