Saturday, 14 June 2014

Day 14: almost half-way there...

So, almost half-way through my challenge and what have I learnt? That actually Blogging everyday isn't so difficult, though there have been days that I really haven't felt like I could be arsed. Hopefully this experience might help encourage me to Blog more often, and really wasn't that the point of the challenge in the first place?

My only regret so far? That I haven't used this platform to promote myself more, and that I haven't yet mentioned all the people I promised I would give mentions to, but it's not too late. There's still time. There's still another 16 days yet to go...

Finding something different to write about everyday has been a lot easier than I thought it might be as well. The only thing I've noticed is that in spending so much time on here, it has cut into my novel writing schedule. Not that I really have a schedule per se, but time I would've spent catching up my notes, has been spent posting on here instead and when I do eventually get round to writing afterwards, I've normally been too tired to get much more down.

But I can use this experience to my advantage! I have always found it hard to write a set amount everyday in my fiction writing - using the excuse that I haven't got time, or that I need to just relax and unwind. Writing on here everyday has shown me that that's bullshit. If I want to write a set amount everyday then I can. It's just motivation I lack, not time and energy.

True, I have only had to write 25-30 words everyday on here to complete the challenge for that day, but I think you'll find everyday I have written significantly more than that. If I can stick to that level of production, but in my fiction writing instead of on here, then my aim to finish my zombie novel ready for edits etc this year may well become a reality. 

So thank you Tonia Brown. This was just what I needed. Inadvertently you may well just have helped my career as a writer, as well as boosted my prolificity as a Blogger. 

I would say more, but right about now I have a word count to add to on a certain work-in-progress. 

After all, I have fans out there who are waiting for my first big novel, and I would so hate to disappoint...

Sparky out, nanoo nanoo xx

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