Friday, 27 June 2014

Day 26: On my (busy) life as a writer

Feeling a bit happier today, so happy in fact that I have committed myself to another couple of writing projects - as if I don't have enough on my plate to be getting on with already! 

Firstly - BIG NEWS: Time Of Tides looks like it might be coming out in print - paired up with a novella by another of our authors, and featuring another short story by me that will act as a precursor to the forthcoming zombie novel I am writing!!!!!

I can't wait to see it actually in print so I can hold it! That would be an amazing moment for me - cue photo opportunity! 

Now as to the writing projects - you may have heard me mention I am involved in a six author collaboration coming out very shortly all about vampires. Well, now I am committed to be involved in a similar project to do with so so excited about this. Now just gotta come up with a character now and create a whole scenario that leads into he main story! I love a good challenge me! 

The second one I may well be involved in is intended to be written with an old friend of mine. She came up unintentionally with this great idea for a story,so we decided to each write a story surrounding her idea but incorporating two different versions of events a bit like the film, sliding doors. 

This has yet to be confirmed properly and is just in the ideas stage right now, but it is another great challenge for me to be involved in. 

I said 2014 was going to be the year I made my mark as a writer. So far slowly, slowly, catchee monkey, everything is going to plan. I am making my mark - watch this space.

You guys can all say you knew me before I became

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