Saturday, 28 June 2014

Day 27: I was a teenage werewolf...

So, not long left to go, and I will have fully completed my challenge! 

Just time then to fill you in on how it's going on my latest project!

I may have mentioned last night that I have started work on a six author collaboration that is a kind of companion piece to the Vampire one, Feral Hearts - remember that name- that WILL be coming out in print and E-book sometime in the next few weeks!

Well, today have had a good day writing out a rough plan, and starting to tell my opening story that sets up my character and begins her story. In fact, wrote over 2,000 words and almost completed the first act of my two act beginning.

Dead hyped about this. It was a project I was originally not involved in, but which had come to a stall. It started getting off the ground last October.

Well, I helped persuade Catt to dust it off the shelf if I could be involved in it and help her get this out to tie in with the hopeful future success of vampire novel, Feral Hearts.

I really WANT to get my name out there, and if people will not step up to the bar then I will get involved and utilize it as another prime example of all my work and my writing!

I am so stoked now to finally be involved, and dead excited that I have my opening all done in my head already, bar typing it up.

Until tomorrow,

laters 'taters!

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