Sunday, 29 June 2014

Day 28: And so, the end is near...

Only a few days left now of my 30 day challenge, and still determined to see how much longer I can take this on for, even after the 30 days are up! 

Not much to say tonight, except that I am feeling very, very tired now after a very busy week at the day job. Even though Friday was my day off, working six days has taken its toll. 

Think I am just getting old, 

Haven't achieved anything of much note tonight as regards my writing. Got playing The Sims, then Angry Birds Friends - before I know it, it is late and I haven't written in my Blog yet for today.

Just a short post tonight then. I promise I will try and write something of a little more substance tomorrow. 

Until then...

Sparky out. Xxx

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