Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Day 3: bringing home the real risks of Type One diabetes

Today, for day 3 of my 30days of Blog challenge, I was going to try and share with you something a little more upbeat and fun, but life 
doesn't always work like that...

My wife, known to you as Mrs.Sparky, posted a link to a news story on Facebook last night that almost made me cry. As it was, I am not afraid to admit I teared up a little. This story really does bring home just how scary and how threatening living with Type One diabetes can be, and as I am trying to help raise awareness at the moment, I thought I simply had to share this story with you to help explain exactly what me and my family are having to deal with.

Here is the link: http://mobile.news.com.au/national/incidence-of-diabetes-linked-dead-in-bed-cases-rising/story-fncynjr2-1226613998627

Essentially, the story concerns a young 17 year old Type One Diabetic, Daniella Meads-Barlow, who died during the night because she went into hypoglycaemic shock when her blood sugars fell too low  whilst she was sleeping, causing her to asphyxiate after suffering from a fit. 

As you can imagine, for a parent of a Type One Diabetic, this is every parents nightmare. We always check Emilie in the middle of the night before we go to sleep and thankfully we have always caught her before she ran too low, plus she has never had a fit as a result of hypoglycaemia. Still, the fear remains...

This was a young woman just starting out on the rest of her life, who was cruelly swept away by this horrible disease that my own daughter will sooner or later have to deal with on her own.

It is a very tragic story and certainly makes you stop and think, or at least I hope it does.

Maybe the next time someone tells that stupid 'Bob has Diabetes' joke, I will tell them this story and ask them if they'd still be laughing if this young girl was their daughter. 

Just thinking about it again, sharing it with you guys now, distresses me all over again, but it carries an importance message: that we cannot afford to take this illness lightly...

Because I don't want this Blog to be all doom and gloom, and because sometimes you have to find the positives in life, I'd like to finish on a slightly more positive note. These are a couple of happier stories that I have found this week, also Type One Diabetes related:-



That is all for today, until the next time...

See you again in 24 hours...


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