Monday, 2 June 2014

Day two: why there are some crimes I can never forgive...

As a parent, there are some crimes that, for me, are totally unforgivable. Amongst those the highest must be, without a shadow of a doubt, the sexual abuse of a child. There is no restitution that could ever be enough for such a despicable and lowly crime, and those who participate in it are amongst, if not the, worst people in this world. 

For the second time over the course of my first year in my (admittedly) short writing career, I have been made aware of one such monster hiding in plain site, under the guise of a popular and highly credible horror-zombie writer. I am not going to name names (though I believe I am probably expressing cowardice by not doing so) simply because, as a writer just starting out on my career, I am all too aware that I need to be careful what I say and about who I say it, but there are many in the industry reading this now who will know only too well who it is that I am talking about. 

This writer openly admits his crime and that he has served a prison sentence for it. He does not attempt to hide it, though, obviously, it is something he would rather was not discussed. In fact, he even brings it up on his own Blog where he attempts to set the record straight.

I have a problem with this. I am disgusted by the nature of his crime and want as little to do with him as is possible, and I am not alone in that. But what staggers, baffles and repulses me more is the number of people who are willing to just forgive and forget his participation in these crimes.

In the discussion section of his Blog post where he talks briefly about his crime, that I was linked to the other day by another fellow author far more experienced than I, the thing that got me was only one person posted in condemnation of his acts. All the others supported his supposed rehabilitation, and even attacked the one poster who said she was repulsed by him. 

ONE PERSON! That was the only one who condemned him. 

Now maybe he deleted any other comments made to single her out and make it look like she was alone, I don't know and cannot say, but even so, I was amazed how many people leapt to his defence.

Child abuse, like I have said, is a crime for which there is NO excuse. The author talks about anger issues playing a large part, but don't we all have anger issues of one kind or another? Hell, when we first moved into our house together, I became so stressed out at Mrs.Sparky that rather than hit her, I thumped the wall. Being a new build, understandably it left a fist-sized imprint in the soft plaster, but I didn't hit her!! Neither did I feel the need to sexually abuse any children, much less the three step-children that a certain author was imprisoned for.

I understand that I do not know the facts of the situation, and it would be remiss of me to make any kind of assumptions, but still...when the person in question openly admits his crime, but says that's okay, I'm all better now...well, it beggars belief that people would just turn around and go, well that's alright then.

I refuse to read his books or give him my support. I also want to stand up and be counted amongst the few I know who are repulsed at both his actions, and by those in the industry who find it so easy to forgive. The scariest part for me is that some of them are parents themselves, and yet still they are prepared to accept his repentance.

If anyone ever does anything to harm my little girl, I will go to prison myself. I will take vengeance on those responsible and I will tear them a new one. This I vow. I have already said if I could, I would take her diabetes upon myself rather than force her to live with this disease; ironically, since it now turns out I may actually be at risk of developing Type One myself at some stage. 

Seriously, I can have no forgiveness for this person. His past disgusts me. It shames me that people amongst my future peers can so easily brush off what he admits he has done, and it makes me question our society when even this crime can apparently just be forgotten because 'he has done his time.'

What about his victims? They are still doing their time, and no doubt will continue to do so for the remainder of their lives. They are the people I feel sorry for, his step-children who were the recipients of his foul behaviour. 

I very nearly didn't write this. I have been stewing over it for several days ever since I read a Facebook status by one of my fellow writers, and followed the comments made underneath by all her friends and people that she chooses to associate with. I deliberated over talking about it here long and hard, but finally I realised I could not keep my silence.

This is MY Blog, my place to share my thoughts and opinions, and if I thought I could no longer do that, I would shut this down in an instant.

But this is something I simply could not allow to pass unmentioned. It is something I feel strongly about. Am I wrong? Should I be more forgiving? 

What do you think? I would welcome any thoughts or opinions on this matter. 

Tomorrow I shall try and be back with a happier topic to discuss...for now though, ciao my loyal readers - I look forward to seeing y'all again in around another 24 hours...


Rhiannon Frater said...

He shows no remorse and he continues to write about child abuse/rape/torture in his books.

I'll name names if anyone wants to know.

Doing business with this man and his publishing house could cause serious problems for people who have to high security clearance. In the past at least two writers were asked why they were associating with a known sex offender.

clairew137 said...

Let's just say I wouldn't leave him alone in a room with any child, even now.

catt dahman said...

I'll name names as well. I am disgusted by him and if anyone drops me for refusing to accept a child abuser than good riddance to them. I

Denise Keef said...

There is NO EXCUSE for sexually abusing a child...NONE!!! This is the first I have heard anything about this...I would NEVER trust him with a child again! I will find out who this author is and if I have any books by him I will delete them from my Kindle. Thank you for blogging about this and making it known.

Anonymous said...

Does this author happen to be a very big KISS fan? I am in shock. I have every one of this person's books and audio books and this is the first I'm hearing of this. I knew he had been in jail but not why. OMG! I have to process this!

sparkymarky1973 said...

I can't comment on the Kiss fan part, but he has written several extensive zombie novels. His past is a matter of public record and he freely admits what he was incarcerated for on his own blog.