Friday, 6 June 2014

Day 6: A tribute to a special someone...

So I 've talked a lot the last few days about Type One Diabetes, and that's because dealing with it plays a big part of my life now, but there's one person, an unsung hero, who probably deserves more of a mention than she gets.

That person is my wife. 

You know her as Mrs.Sparky, but to me she is my rock, my soul-mate and the special person with whom I've chosen to spend my life.

I always talk about how we cope with Emilie's Diabetes, but the truth is Mrs.Sparky does most of the  work. She organises prescriptions, looks after Ems every evening when I'm not there, has to deal with the hypos, the mood swings etc...I only have to deal with things on my days off, or every morning before school. 

Sometimes I don't feel as though I appreciate her enough, how much she actually does, how much she has to cope with on her plate, and I probably don't. But in my heart, I know that me and Emilie couldn't do without her, and in what has proved to be a particularly hard week for her with somebody crashing into her car ( thankfully while she was not in it), I just wanted to tell her thank you for all she does and I'm sorry that sometimes I don't give her all the time or attention or the thanks that she deserves.

There is never enough time. Between messing about on Facebook,writing, editing, working, sleeping, spending time with my daughter, sometimes she gets missed, and for that I am sorry. 

She is the person I have chosen to grow old with and spend my life with, and I think perhaps sometimes I could do more to show her just how important to me she really truly is.

For someone who is good with words, sometimes I am not so good with people. 

That's my message for today- if there's someone important in your life, take a little time out to show them and to tell them. Do something nice to show them what they mean to you, beccause you never know how much time you might have left together. Life should be spent living, not filled with regret at words you never found the time to say. 

Until tomorrow...Sparky out. 

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sharon l. higa said...

Beautiful blog to your wife! Always remember - behind every man is the woman with the brains! (heeheehee)