Sunday, 8 June 2014

Day 7: so long and thanks for not filling out all my prescription...

One of the problems I have heard one or two people mentioning to me regarding ongoing medical care is problems with repeat prescriptions. 

As if we haven't got enough on our plate dealing with Em's Diabetes, it seems our local surgery likes to give us something more to worry about. Ever since her diagnosis, rarely a month goes by when there has not been one issue or another. I have no problem with the Diabetics team, they have been amazing and a great support, it is just our local surgery that insists in continually dicking us about.

We even had to get the Diabetics team to send them a letter in a bid to get things sorted out, and for a while it kind of worked.

This week, Mrs. sparky put in our repeat prescription. Everything seemed to be okay after I picked it up until Mrs. Sparky opened the bag. For some reason or another, they had decided not to hive us Ketone strips. Ketones are what you test for if Emilie's bloods consistently run high, because that's the thing with Diabetes. It's all about balance. High is every bit as bad as low - you find yourself constantly trying to walk the the line between.

So yeah, the surgery decided to hold back our Ketone strips. Thanks for that. I mean we're not desperate, we have some, but you don't  get so many as you do with regular blood testing strips and it only takes Emilie to have a bad couple of days and they could all be gone. 

Not only that, but on the prescription it also says Emilie needs to have a medication review?!? Er, she's Diabetic, she's not going to get any better, her need for Insulin is never going to change until such time as they can implant an artificial pancreas or come up with some form of cure. 

Now I'm hoping this is just a standard thing they put on repeat prescriptions automatically, but jeez. I kind of get sick going down there every other six weeks or so to try and sort things out with them. I mean have you ever dealt with doctors receptionists? They are not the easiest or the friendliest of people to deal with...

Why can life never be simple? Why does it always have to keep throwing more things at you to juggle with when you already have a full plate?

Answers on a postcard please...

Sparky xxx

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