Sunday, 8 June 2014

Day 8: a few thoughts on (anti) social media...

Well, as of today it's exactly one week since I started this whole 30 days challenge thing and you know what? I've actually enjoyed it so far. Big thanks and an honourable mention then should probably go out to fellow Blogger and author, Tonia Brown, who started this whole thing off in the first place. 

She started this whole 30 days thing as a personal challenge to try and get herself more motivated to write on her Blog more, then decided to share it as an event on Facebook. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to be involved. As a writer, in the last year I have not once turned down a challenge. When Catt challenged me to write something unconventional, I did. When she challenged me to write something under 2k, I did that too - and the result can be seen as a flash piece in the anthology Midnight 
Remains, under the title, 'Plot Holes.'

I'm almost thinking I might try and see how long I can go over the 30 days, but I've still to make my mind up on that!
Over the past week or so, I have been privy to watching somebody's relationship with their significant other quite literally fall apart before my eyes on Twitter. This person has chosen to expose herself and her feelings all over this Social Media platform, whilst publicly declaring such things as - and I might be paraphrasing here, but the sentiment was the same - 'I don't want to be the centre of attention right now.' This on one of the biggest Social Media platforms out there.

What is it about this generation that feels the need to share every aspect of their life? I know as a Blogger that might make me sound a tad hypocritical, but even before I started writing professionally and getting published, I think a small part of me always knew I was meant to be a writer, and this was the only way I could express that comfortably. Besides which, any personal experiences I have ever shared on here were as much to help others in similar circumstances as they were for me to vent. I Blog about Diabetes because I want other parents or carers of Diabetics to feel some kind of support and know that they are not alone. It is the same reason why I have blogged about other sensitive subjects in the past.

Anyway, you may not know this but in the past I have been known to dabble in a bit of poetry. Not often, and I would not stoop so low as to call myself a poet, but occasionally I dabble. Watching a certain persons tweets this week, and especially tonight, inspired me to write something. It was written on the spur, so it may not be great and it may be a bit raw but I promised you exclusive content this month so here we go...

(I bet this wasn't what you were expecting when I said I would share my writing, was it?)

(My life) On Social Media by Mark Woods.

When your relationship broke up, you put it on Facebook,
Tweeted status updates from off of your phone;
Linked the two accounts together, so everyone could see it
The better to make you feel as though you weren't alone.
But the people who read it and saw it was there
Were the very same people who just didn't care. 
They just enjoyed reading all your sadness and woe
As you continued to update us via your phone.

Did it help in the end to bring the boy back,
Or did the empty replies simply make you more sad?
Is that the only way you know how to live your whole life,
Sharing your sadness and woe all online?

You seem to have forgotten one salient fact,
Virtual friends are indeed just that. 
Get off your computer and go live your life,
Discover new experiences instead of Tweeting all night.
By getting back out there, going out, having fun
You might just discover he wasn't the one.
And even if you don't, is that really that bad?
Wouldn't you rather look back at the fun that you had,
Instead of using your Twitter to expose your aching heart
On the night your relationship all fell apart. 

Make the most of it, that's probably the first and last poetry you'll get off me on here lol.


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