Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Day 16: valour morghalis - all men must die!!!


Standard rules apply, I will not give away anything you have not seen already on screen, but I do need to talk about this last episode just gone.

What could have been a bit of an anti-climax, dealing with so many characters' stories all at once in a bid to give some end-of-season closure, actually ended up being a brilliant piece of filming, and adequately demonstrated why this show works so well.

First off, we had Jon Snow's meeting with Mance, the King beyond the wall. Perfectly tense, the moment when Stannis turned up, though expected, was executed just as I remember it from the books. The perfect end to Jon Snow's story, for now, was of course his burning of the body of Ygritte.  It will have left many fans chomping at the bit to know what happens next. Let's just say the future for Samwell Tarly and Jon Snow is only just about to start getting interesting...

Then there was Bran's story. The skeletons in the snow were something I had forgotten, but really worked well onscreen in what I can only think was an intentional tribute to Ray Harryhausen. You may remember he used very similar skeletal warriors in his film, Jason and The Argonauts. Where the future lies for Bran, Hodor and Meera is just one of several things I cannot in all honesty remember, but one thing's for certain - this is another part of the story that has major implications for all that is going to follow.

As per usual for the last few episodes, the continuation of Danerys' story was, for me, the weakest element. That moment with the burnt corpse was as inevitable as it was anticipated, and let's face it - it's about time old blondie woke up and smelled the coffee. Being a ruler isn't just about doing what you think is right. You also have to deal with consequences of your actions, and honestly, they're frakking dragons for fraks sake! What the Smaug did you think was going to happen?

And then there was the big showdown between Brienne and The Hound. How good was that? Brienne is probably one of the few people in Westeros who could possibly hold her own against him, but you know what? That was pretty close for a moment or two there. And brutal? Let's just say Mrs.Sparky, who doesn't watch G.O.T, looked up at entirely the wrong moment. Lol.

Finally there was the whole Tyrion/ Tywin thing. If you didn't see that coming, I bet that must've been a shock for some. I loved the way they again kept it just like in the books. 

The only issue I, and several others who know what is coming next, thanks to books 4 and 5, may have had is that one certain moment hasn't happened yet. I'm not going to say what this is, neither am I going to drop any hints, but let's just say you newbies to this show are going to get more than a few surprises come Season 5. 

The good thing for me is that, although I have read the books and am up to date, it was a while ago. I finished off Book 5 last year, so that's still fairly fresh in my mind, but all I remember of book 4 are some of the bigger events. A lot of the smaller details have become vague over time, and then there is the fact that the writers of the show have started changing certain things around.

Like I said before, whilst there are those fans of the books who are pissed off with this, for me that just makes it even more exciting. It means even I don't know exactly what to expect, or if I do, when it's going to happen. Like the big twist that never happened tonight...

With no confirmation date yet for the next season, it is unknown exactly when G.O.T will return, though it is signed up for at least 2 more seasons at present. That means us fans don't even know how long we are going to have to wait, but like they say in the dhow - Winter IS coming!

One thing is for certain, this finale to Season 4 continued to set the bar high, and it will be interesting to see how the shows creators' deal with what comes next! 

This is Sparky signing out, see you again in 24 hours peeps...

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