Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sparky's snow creations.....2009

These are my two snowmen that I created on Friday afternoon before my shift began @ 4pm with the limited amount of snow I had available to me at the time. Above is my interpretation of a Snow Snail, namely because there appears to be an animal theme running through a lot of people's snowmen this year and I wanted to create something a tad different!! Below is my pitful attempt at a snowman with whatever was left. it didn't help that the ground was very wet so the snow started to take on a dirty look from all the mud and grass in the garden!!

It was still snowing when I made these and Emilie stood at the patio doors wetting herself with laughter as she watched me. She thought it most hilarious to see daddy getting wet and cold whilst trying to create something out of hardly nothing. Both creations are still there tonight though my snowman's eyes have fallen out giving him a skeletal appearance with empty sockets and the Snail looks a little sad now.....well sadder than when he was first created if I'm honest!

Reading my Blog, I notice that I need to start lightening up my content because otherwise I am going to end up sounding like a whingey complainer who is never happy with his lot and thats not strictly true!! That said I have had feedback from a couple of my fans who know me from the Forums I visit who have commented that they appreciate my frank honesty and that my Blog is apparently "compelling reading!" So I am obviously doing something right if people are enjoying reading my inner most thoughts and observations!! Still I would like this Blog to be a bit lighter in tone but it is hard at mo with all the brown stuff flying around at work at mo- directed mainly towards any fans that happen to be operating at the time! The third chef is defenitely leaving and soon by all accounts- I haven't asked him but did some subtle digging today at work (it is amazing how many people open up to Sparky when he lets on he knows more than he does) and it seems to be common knowledge which is probs why I haven't been told outright; HC probs thinks I already know rather than omitting telling me to keep me out of the loop. This could drop us imn the kitchen right in the poo-poo- I just hope we get a new third chef soon as, that its someone who knows what they're doing and that they're not put off by how busy and manic it is at mo!!

Not getting into today but lets just say we got metaphorically anally violated again by how busy it was. This high turn-over of custom really is a double-edged sword- its good to be busy but we are all busting our balls in the kitchen at mo and it ain't even funny.

Still should be thankful just to have a job I suppose and don't want to apppear selfish but, Jesus -give us a break will ya?

Right no more shop talk.....Sparky's hitting the sack.....nighty nighty all you Sparkettes* out there!! xxxxx

(* A little thank you goes out to NOTBLONDEREALLY for coming up with this pet name for all my fans!! Sparky And The Sparkettes- don't you just love it!!)


Kendie said...

Love the snow snail.

angelfruit said...

Most creative - how come I never think of doing anything like that? lol