Sunday, 8 February 2009

Feeling a little frakked off....

So yesterday was not a very nice day-really busy which is a good thing but really relentless. Mrs.Sparky goes to her mums on a saturday and I like to try and get over there on my split shift to see her and Emilie but I didn't get over there yesterday because it wasn't worth it in the time I had, so spent my break in the grotty staffroom reading my book! That kinda annoyed me but then I find out by accident that the Third Chef is leaving; not that that nesecarily bothers me too much, am never really sure how I get on with him sometimes or what he thinks of me, but surely as Sous Chef I oughta be told outright? I only found out because someone made a comment as an aside so that pissed me off as well.

Got home last night and watched CLOVERFIELD again- what an awesome movie. Last time I watched it on the internet so quality wasn't excellent but it is sooo much better on genuine DVD!!!! Very scary even though I had seen it before and I love the way you only ever get glimpses at the creature. For those who have been living in a cave the last year, the film is about 90 minutes long and is home camera footage of what happens when some creature emerges from the depths of the ocean and proceeds to lay waste to Manhattan. It is very tense and symbolic of what it must have been like during 9/11 with lots of people running panicked through the streets, people looting stores and genuinely terrified as they try to fathom out what the smeg is going on. If you haven't seen it you really should.

Just got a message a minute ago from Kate which she sent me last night but which I never got because I had my phone off. (something my other mate Sarah can NEVER understand- I mean just IMAGINE turning your phone off!) It just said she was so drunk and made me chuckle. I like that I get texts like this because it shows that even though we live miles apart, certain people still care enough about you to send you drunken texts! lol! Seriously though, it's nice that we are like proper friends and everything and it cheers me up when I have had a shitty day like yesterday....makes me realise what is more important in life- the bonds we form with our closest friends and the people we love- than just some crummy job!

Quite honestly, frak them! If they don't want to tell me things at work then they can get fucked. It's just a job and to hell and back with the lot of them.....

Sayanora for now from Sparky xxxx

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