Thursday, 16 April 2009!

So, been a while since I last Blogged and just thought I had better check in briefly in passing and just show my Cyberface. HC is on holiday again for a week so am having to work 6 days at 12 hours each day- sometimes without a single break!! Whoever said it was easy being a chef needs shooting. Still, am getting to make lots of nice desserts such as Lemon Possett which I had seen done but never made myself before but is dead easy and rather refreshing. Basicallly all you need to do is heat some double or whipping cream to just before boiling with sugar and lemon zest, add lemon juice then pour into glasses through a strainer to remove zest (or leave that in) and cover with clingfilm and put in fridge to set. Takes about 2 hours to set but thats it! Job done- an easy, simple and rather nice dessert!! Who would have thought it was that easy- not me! Thats why I didn't believe my recipe book and went on the Internet to double check!

Actually it's not too bad being in charge this time and am actually quite enjoying it. Martin Abernathy is leaving our kitchen but there is a new guy called Simon sposed to be starting next wednesday. We had one new chef start yesterday too but today he came in, supposedly threw up and had to go home! Good start seeing as it was only his second day on the job! Actually I think he was a bit of a pussy because he looked done in yesterday after doing a 10 1/2 hour straight shift whilst to us (me and Martin) it is just another day. At the moment, life in our kitchen certainly sorts out the men from the boys!

This guy who started yesterday knows a couple of ppl I used to work with- my mate Nush who went to Sheffield and my other mate from The George in Swaffham- Katey. Talking of my mate Nush, she has been trying for baby and has resorted to IVF but because of recession and being made redundant, has had to put things on hold until next year. Feel really bad for her as she would make a great mum but just goes to show how this current climate affects everybody in different but no less important ways. Also makes me appreciate how much my daughter means to me and how lucky I am to have her- even if she is very precocious and developing a real stubborn streak to her personality. Bless her...

Whoever thought I would ever be bossed around by a 19 month!

This is Sparky going in true Sleeper fashion. Now there was a band Sleeper.... whatever happened to Louise and the band I wonder? Must google it and find out....

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