Thursday, 29 April 2010

Ways To Live Forever

My next choice for my list of 1001 Books And Authors has to be (8) Sally Nicholl's debut novel, Ways To Live Forever! A right proper weepy, it tells the tale of 11 year old Sam who has an obsession with random facts, believes in UFOs and ghosts and has never kissed a girl. Oh yes, and he has Leukaemia! His parents and Doctors won't talk to him about dying, and often go out of their way to avoid talking about it, so Sam becomes determined to seek out the honest answers for himself along with his best friend on the Cancer Ward. At times highly emotional but always uplifting, honest and funny the book is nowhere near as depressing as it sounds and concentrates in the main on the positive attitude of Sam as he copes with his illness in his own very special way! Totally recommended, this is another book that moved me in ways I cannot even describe. Even writing about this novel now reminds me how important and special a read this is and anyone who hasn't read it is missing out a treat! This book really goes a long way to showing just how fragile our life is and how important it is to live each day like it is our last and makes a person appreciate what they have in life rather than wishing it away for something they might never achieve!! Truly a classic read that deserves all the praise and more that I can heap upon it!!! Just remember to pack a box of tissues when you read it! You have been warned!!!

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Anonymous said...

Do you have this? If so could I borrow it? If not will have to borrow it from library as sounds good. Amazing we actually might like one of the same books..mellowing in your old age bro!

Love you little si.

P.s Check out Goodnight Beautiful by Dorothy Koomson.