Thursday, 13 October 2011

Introducing Sparky's Kindle Korner.....

Well, I have just finished The Blood That Bonds by Christopher Beuchler ~ my first free Kindle book as recommended to me by the lovely Lainy and as also featured on her Blog "So Many Books, So Little Time" ~ which is the first in a new trilogy all about a series of Vampire who exist hidden amongst us, emerging only to feed and create new fledglings. Two is a heroin addict and a prostitute, forced into her life by a cruel and vicious Pimp when she is hired by the Vampire, Theoren for a single night's pleasure. But Theroen has more than just sex on his mind; he wants to take Two as his Vampire bride. For Two, it is a chance to escape her former life and begin anew but for Theoren, it is just the start of his problems as the Master of his clan, Abraham, questions his decision and decides to take action against him.......

This was a brilliant book and so much better than I might have expected! It put me in mind of Nancy.A.Collins' Sunglasses After Dark, which starts off the Sonja Blue series, mixed with just a hint of a subtle nod towards Anne Rice and really was a gripping and amazing read. Finishing it, I so wanted to continue on with the story and catch up with what happened to the characters next ~ so much so that I have already downloaded the second book in the series, Blood Hunt, at a cost of only 99p! Definitely one to get then for all you Kindle users out there and also a novel that will definitely be making my 1001 Books List! So it is that The Blood That Bonds becomes book number (65)! A big, big thank-you must go therefore to Lainy for recommending the book in the first place! Cheers Hon ~ you really are the best!!

The only other two titles I have read so far on my Kindle are the free-to-buy novella Re:Union by Eric Liu and an anthology called Infinities ~ which is basically a collection of short Sci-fi tales and sample chapters from a small selection of new and established authors.

Re:Union tells the story of a man who has been searching for his lost love for the past fifteen years and ends up meeting her again at a virtual school reunion situated in a futuristic version of Cyberspace. But he soon realises that all is not what it first appears and is forced to make a decision that goes against everything he has ever lived by and which ends up testing his moral principles to the limit! This is a neat little tale that shows plenty of promise and was highly enjoyable. Was it worth downloading? Certainly seeing as it was free but I don't think ultimately I would have paid for it!

Infinities begins with a short story called The Man Who Built Heaven by Keith Brooks which has since been incorporated into a larger novel by the same author called The Accord. The Man Who Built Heaven tells a similar story to the last novella in that it follows an established scientist working hard to create a virtual world where people's personalities can continue to exist long after their body has died. But an illicit attraction to a married colleague working on the same project causes continual distraction ending in tragic consequences. Again this is a really good little Sci-fi tale and would really encourage me to read more by this author! In fact, I may well have to check out The Accord because I would love to learn more about the characters featured here and I will definitely be looking out for more of his short stories!

So, a good start to my Kindle experience then with three decent reads and so far no sign of Kindling......can this good run continue..? Who knows but I have plenty more free stuff to read that I have downloaded from Amazon and have even bought a couple of titles. One of these is the aforementioned Blood Hunt which carries on from The Blood That Bonds, the other is the first in a series set in and around The Body Farm facility in Tenessee by a pair of authors who call themselves Jefferson Bass. And if you know me at all, then you will know I am looking forward to THAT!

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So many books, so little time said...

Awesome isn't it :D I have it in print and the second book so I really need to get on it but want to read the exorcist books for Halloween :D

Hope the second book is as good!