Monday, 23 June 2014

Day 22....from strength to stength!

So, I know, I'm pushing my luck AGAIN, but my rule still stands: the day ain't over 'till I go to bed.

In the last year, J.E.A, the indie Press that I edit and write for has gone from strength to strength. We have surpassed our goals, found plenty of hot, new, up and coming talented authors and helped launch several promising careers. What's more, we've started making waves and several other Presses are now taking note of us, as are others in the industry. To be associated with J.Ellington Ashton truly is a pleasure, and I look forward to them publishing my first full novel when I eventually finish getting it together, ready for release.

One of our most recent acquisitions is Essel Pratt, whose novel, Final Reverie, is soon due for general release. Tonight I hear that Essel came third in Blood Reign Literary magazine's "Story of the year" contest, as voted for by the likes of Bram Stoker Nominee/LA Chapter Co Chair John Palisano, Bram Stoker Nominee / HWA Events Chair JG “Greg” Faherty, and HWA Chapter Drive Chair/HWA Board Secretary/Bram Stoker Award Winner Joe Mckinney. 

This is one hell of a good result and just one example of how high a quality our writers are - I imagine the competition for this was pretty stiff indeed! I hadn't realised, but I recently appeared alongside Essel in a recent anthology, Memento Mori. My short story there, When Death Comes To Call, is actually being adapted into a short graphic novel by a good friend of mine and budding illustrator, Roy "Fatman" Hannant. More on that in a later post, but for now, congrats Essel,  I look forward to watching your career - even if I am a tiny eeny bit jealous of your success! 

Many of you may not be aware but J.E.A has a naughty Erotic imprint, Lace 21. I have made occasional mention of it I expect, but it is not yet seen that much activity until now. One of our other authors, Naomi Matthews, who writes almost exclusively for Lace 21 has seen her own share of success just lately. 

One of her short stories was recently accepted to be included in an anthology hosted by acclaimed Erotic
fiction writer, Jennifer Sage, who has a wide success with her range of Erotic Fantasy novels set amongst a world of Immortals.

Sexual Tendencies features a whole host of naughty Erotic stories and poetry by a wide variety of names, of which our own Naomi Matthews is just one! The link to buy it is here:

Sexual Tendencies on the American site or here UK LINK- Sexual Tendencies and all proceeds go to a charity helping keep kids off the streets. A very kind hearted good cause as I'm sure you will agree!

Naomi also has two Erotic novella out, also available from Amazon. 

The most recent, Stacey seeks satisfaction, is an inter-office romance about a young secretary who's not afraid to go after what she wants, but who soon finds her Boss isn't exactly the nicest of people and has a

habit of treating women badly. When an opportunity arises for her to get one over on him, Stacey jumps at the chance leading to some very naughty and steamy new adventures!

Her first Erotic short, Sophie's seduction, is still available and tells the story of a woman who discovers her husband has a very naughty secret. She turns to her Boss for advice, but soon discovers her Boss has her own designs on Sophie. 

All three of these titles are obviously for adults only and highly sexually explicit, but Naomi is an accomplished writer with lots of plans for the future.

This isn't strictly my genre per se, but I have helped edit Naomi and as well as being UK Editor with J.E.A, have also been put in charge of Lace 21, which is another of the reasons why I have decided to mention these titles on my Blog. Don't forget - proceeds from Sexual Tendencies all go to a good cause, and if you like Naomi's story there, you should definitely check out the rest of her work!

That's about it for tonight. Until tomorrow...

this is Sparky, signing out!

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