Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Project 26: 1) V is for vendetta...

Vampz: Vendetta is the first anthology to be released as part of JEA's massive P26 launch set to feature 26 different books, each with a different horror inspired theme based on the letters f the alphabet.
Of course it would be too easy to just go A-Z, so instead JEA have decided to mix things up instead and release each letter randomly and just for fun so readers are left never quite knowing what next to expect.

Vampz: Vendetta features a collection of vampire stories all written by various different authors and thus offering all different perspectives on the Vampire myth.
The only thing all these stories share, other than the theme and the quality of the writing, is you can practically guarantee none of the vampires feature here are ever likely to sparkle.
Stand out mentions must go out to veteran JEA authors, Sharon.L.Higa and Roma Gray whose stories feature here, along with other great names such as Toneye Black and Essel Pratt, Justin Hunter and Ash Hartwell, not to mention Roy.C.Booth, William Tucker, Dona Fox, Dani Brown and Sebastian Crow.
All their stories offer something uniquely different to the point where it is impossible to name my favourite 

There are even a couple of pieces of poetry here, though not being a big fan of poetry it is difficult for me to know quite how best to describe how I feel about them.

Whatever your taste, there is something here for everyone except maybe fans of Twilight-style sparkly vampire fiction, and this promises a good start to what looks to be the most exciting and thrilling  journey through the alphabet you're ever likely to have.

Well done John Ledger for starting this off with a bang, and congratulations on picking some excellent stories to begin with....

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