Friday, 11 August 2017

Project 26: 2) Jurassic Jackeroo

To anyone who read Roma Gray's Hunted Tribe last year and is disappointed that no sequel has so far been forthcoming, I have some good news and some bad news - firstly, as part of JEA's massive summer release of titles under the banner of Project 26, Miss Gray has finally decided to bless readers with a return back to the world of the Grishla. 
Unfortunately, now for the bad news - what we get is not a sequel to her first book, but instead a prequel that ultimately leaves readers with just as many questions as it does answers, despite revealing more of the background behind the series of events that lead up to what happens in The Hunted Tribe.

But that is not to say this is a bad thing, because what we get in Jurassic Jackeroo is a fun, riotous read that takes you on a real roller coaster and once again leaves the reader wanting more...

Set in the Wild West, Jurassic Jackeroo tells the story of a world weary gunslinger who thinks he has seen it all and is about ready to finally hang up his guns for good, when a chance encounter with a Native American, who is part of the Hunted Tribe, reveals the story of the Grishla to him and offers him a new challenge in which to sink his teeth.
Determined to take down this angry, vengeful animal spirit that appears in the form of an ancient beast, the gunslinger decides to set up a little competition in order to recruit the best of the best among his peers -  to help him in what he sees as the ultimate hunt and a chance to once again give his life some meaning, but in the competition that follows, only the smartest will survive...

Jurassic Jackeroo, like I say, is lots of fun.
It is a great little story that builds upon the legend and the world that Miss Gray first created with The Hunted Tribe, but if you come here expecting any answers - think again!
Once again, Miss Gray leaves us with a killer cliffhanger ending, just as she did with Hunted Tribe, leaving the reader once again kicking and screaming and quite literally begging to know what comes next...

With this latest instalment in her series, Roma once again proves just what a great writer she is - for Jurassic Jackeroo is quite simply amazing, just as you might expect. It is wholly original, nail-biting with lots of unexpected twists and what's more - fun! 
Too many writers nowadays, I think, forget to put the fun back in their books but this is something Roma Gray excels at - I just wish she'd stop doing this to me and finally give me some answers!!!!

Jurassic Jackeroo is, of course, available from Amazon now...and look out for my review of the next P26 book coming soon, Backwoods Bonfire from Essel Pratt.

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